About Michael

Hi, I’m Michael. I have been riding my mountainbike for more then twenty years. During those years I have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of different mountainbike spots. I have lost count, but it’s certainly more then 150 locations. You could say it’s an addiction, I travel to ride my bike. I don’t go on holiday and then ride my bike because I don’t want to hang around the pool all day.
I like all sorts of mountainbiking from my local XC loop, where I’m also a trailbuilder, in the Netherlands to technical downhill trails in bikeparks. Riding down gravel or asphalt roads is not my favorite thing. And I have no ambition to ride worldcup speeds or jump roadgaps. But I love everything in between.

So why did I start this site?

I started this site because I see the same sort of questions pop up on forums and group rides about mountainbike holiday destinations. The questions will be answered but you know nothing about the person answering the question for example:

  • His or her skill level and sort of terrain he likes to ride
  • How many other locations is he comparing this location to, maybe it was his first trip. Yes off-course it was the best trip ever.
  • Maybe he or one of his mates is running a business in that location.

And then over time the topic sinks in to the black hole of the forum and the same question will be asked again.
So that’s why I’m trying to help you to choose a holiday destination and then plan your holiday. In order to help you, I aim to give you information that is:

  • Usable for any type of mountainbiker
  • An objective judgement on the difficulty and quality of the trails, based on the more than 150 mountainbike spots I have been to.
  • I have no commercial interests in any mountainbike location.
  • Not a snapshot of being somewhere once, I have been to most locations several times and I regularly check whether everything is still up to date.

Usually the blurb from the tourist info isn’t much help either. Most are clearly written by someone that has never ridden a bike and they all claim to be the ultimate mountainbike mekka.
That’s why I have reserved the term mountainbike mekka for a select group of locations. Click here to see who has made the list.

If you need more info on a location please don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments below.

What is a bliki?

This is a bliki ;-).

Bliki = blog + wiki.

So this is not a personal travel blog where I tell you about my riding buddies ridiculous socks or which pizza I ate.
Like I have explained above it is my goal to give information as objectively as possible, usable by as wide a range of mountainbikers as possible. With some personal opinions here and there.
Like on other wiki’s it’s possible for you to join in. But as you know spam is a major problem on the internet, so I can’t let anyone make an account and start changing things. Then the whole site would become an advert for viagra.
So if you would like to contribute then first leave a couple of relevant and informative comments on locations you have been to. And then I can give you a login to start your own locations.

Affiliate links

There are a lot of links on this site. The purpose for each and every is to point you towards information that will make your bike trip better. Once in a while these links could be an affiliate link, which means that I get a small commission when you click on the link and decide to purchase something or book a hotel.
Which, I guess, means that you found the link helpful and all of this happens without any extra cost to you.
It is not my intention to spam you with links for stuff you don’t need. This website is about my passion, I don’t expect it to make me rich. It would just be nice if it pays for some pizza or new brake pads once in a while.


Like most wiki’s this bliki is basically a collection of information from different sources, organized in a new way, supplemented with my personal opinions and thus making a new and unique thing.
To the best of my knowledge I avoid using copyrighted materials.
If you feel that I have infringed your rights than please let me know via the contact form.
If you wish to use parts of this information up to the length of a paragraph you are welcome to do so, provided you place a link back to the page you found it on, directly above or below the copied text.
It is not allowed to copy pages as a whole or to present them as your own.

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