Jamnica awesome enduro park and EWS destination

Mountainbike routes Jamnica is a bit different from other places. Son Anej and dad Dixi run a hotel on top of a hill, they build trails for fun, you’re welcome to ride them for free. If you want to support them you can stay in their eco hotel Koros or leave some cash in the… read more »


Mountainbike routes Krvavec isn’t a very well known bike park, which is a shame, there are two epic long descents, Pussycat is easy and accessible for most mountainbikers, Rock and Flow is a different beast. Both aren’t cookie cutter bike park tracks, so definitely come here if you’re looking for something else. Mountain biking in… read more »

Kranjska gora

Mountainbike routes The bike park in Kranjska Gora is a real riders park, it’s not build as an alternative to the summerrodelbahn or just to rent out mountainbikes. The signposting isn’t very clear, so just ride whatever looks nice. The blacks are real blacks, steep and a lot of roots. Enjoy! Make sure you dont… read more »