Jamnica awesome enduro park and EWS destination

Mountainbike routes

Jamnica is a bit different from other places.
Son Anej and dad Dixi run a hotel on top of a hill, they build trails for fun, you’re welcome to ride them for free. If you want to support them you can stay in their eco hotel Koros or leave some cash in the donation box, next to the bike map and front door.
You can drive your car up the hill to park next to their hotel, the last part is not asphalted, but there are no potholes or other problems for normal passenger cars.
The trails are playful and each has it’s own character. Although they all share the main characteristics of roots, loam and flow.
There is a reason the Enduro World Series is held here and it’s awesome trails.

Mountain biking in Jamnica


  • Awesome trails
  • Great vibe
  • Awesome trails 😉


  • No lift
  • Not a lot to do for non-cycling family members.

The village

Prevalje is the nearest village and is about 20 min. away by car. It’s history goes back to the bronze age and there are several romain remains to be seen. More recently there was a lot of mining activity and associated with that metal works and other industry, although the mines have closed there is still plenty of industry.
Tourism in Prevalje is on the rise, but I still wouldn’t classify it as a family holiday destination, if that’s what you’re looking for you’re probably better of on the Austrian side of the border.

Hotels and apartments

You can book the ecohotel Koros directly through their website, they have everything a biker needs, including a workshop to do repairs and info on other trails in the area.

If they are full or you would like to stay somewhere else, you can use the map below.



You can stay in your camper near the hotel and use all of the facilities of the hotel.
The Pirkdorfersee camping is on the other side of the border and is a good base for visiting both Jamnica and Petzen. There is a nice lake to cool down after a warm day on the bike. The pitches are a bit small and the showers are clean, but could use an update.

Mountainbike trails

There are so many trails and they all share the main characteristics of loam, roots and flow and Dixi and Anej are always building new trails, so it doesn’t make sense to describe all the individual trails here.
But in general:
The A (all mountain) trails are the easiest, the red E (enduro) trails are a bit harder, because they are steeper and have bigger roots. There are easier options to go around some of the more challenging sections.
when I was there there was also one black Enduro trail.
There is an uphill trail, which is fun, but it’s easier to take the road.
The trails are signposted, but I had to search a couple of times, so it’s best to bring a gps or trailforks app. This is just to make sure you ride the trail you were intending to ride, it’s not likely that you will get lost.

The trails are all on forest soil, so they will get muddy when it’s wet.

On the last count there were 9 trails with a total length of 21 km.
And 30 more km’s in the surrounding area, guiding and maps are only available for guests of the hotel.

Black hole trail

If you get fed up with the beautiful mountain views and the sunshine, then this is the thing for you, you can ride through the mountain in an old mine.
There are two options there is an easy trail and an expert option.

Books and maps

There is an up to date map with all the trails next to the entrance of the hotel (there is also a donation box to help fund the trail building).


You can download gpx tracks from trailforks.

Mtb trailmap

Jamnica mountainbike map karte streckenplan
Click the image for a bigger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a small workshop, with some replacement parts in the hotel, guests of the hotel can also rent bikes or book guiding and technique training.

Tips and tricks

Other useful links

Address mountainbike trail park Jamnica:
Ecohotel Koroš
Jamnica 10
2391 Prevalje

GPS – WGS 84
N 46° 35′ 35,5″
E 14° 52′ 26,8″


Petzen This is so close you can see it across the valley, Petzen and Jamnica together form a stop on the EWS series.
Krvavec Two long natural trails, with a comfy lift to bring you back up, what more could you need?


I’m not sure there are other (legal) spots where you will find this many natural single trails so close together. If you do know a place like this please let me know, I need to go there.

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