Thale – Rosstrappen

Mountainbike routes There is only one track in bikepark Thale, it’s the Rosstrappen downhill racetrack. Every year it’s used for the IXS cup.It’s a nice track, not just for downhill racers, but also for experienced XC mountainbikers. It gets better when you go faster, there are no real technical difficulties, only a couple of medium… read more »


The Downhill trail in Todtnau is definitely a trail every mountain biker should have ridden, but for trail addicts this is not a full holiday destination, maybe for a weekend or as part of a road trip? Mountainbike routes There are only two trails in the mountain bike park in Todtnau, which is the oldest… read more »


Mountainbike routes Whether you prefer flow trails, natural steep lines, big jumps, northshores or a rough race track you will be happy bikepark Geisskopf near Bischofsmais. Maybe it’s not the most well-known bikepark, but together with nearby Spicak it is certainly worth a trip. And the best thing is the campground in the parking lot,… read more »


Mountainbike routes Braunlage is not the most interesting bikepark in the Harz, but when you’re already there it’s worth a visit. They have made an effort to build nice mountain bike trails and a lot of northshores, but sadly the mountain is not steep at all. Which means you have to keep pushing to keep… read more »

Racepark Schulenberg

Awesome mountainbiking in racepark Schulenberg, 4 types of sausages (downhill banane) on the grill and good music. Mountainbike routes Rocks, roots and sausages. This is how bikeparks or raceparks as they call it themselves should be. It’s not Disney world, it’s just a mountain with trails and a lift. Take your mountainbike to Schulenberg and… read more »

St andreasberg

Too bad the Matthias-Schmidt-berg near St-Andreasberg isn’t a bit higher, because the mountainbike trails in the bikepark are awesome, just a bit short. Mountainbike routes In the bikepark there are a couple of playful blue’s and reds and two blacks that are steep, tight and twisty.So there are trails for beginners and experienced riders. Despite… read more »


Mountainbike routes The bikepark in Hahnenklee has trails for every type of mountain biker, from an easy machine build flow trail, to natural single trail or a big and fast jump line. It is allowed to ride on most hiking trails in the Harz, so XC and enduro riders will have a lot of options…. read more »


Bikepark Willingen is back on the mountainbike map with some big improvements. And they we’re already doing great with the XC singletracks. Mountainbike routes The bikepark in Willingen is getting a big update, with two new flow trails and the existing freeride track will be improved with bigger jumps. If you don’t want to ride… read more »

Winterberg bikepark and trailpark

The bikepark in Winterberg is quite unique because there are so many different types of mountainbike trails in a small area. The trailpark has made this location very interesting for xc riders as well. Mountainbike routes There are a lot of different types of riding in Winterberg. From the aptly named Pinball that is a… read more »