The Downhill trail in Todtnau is definitely a trail every mountain biker should have ridden, but for trail addicts this is not a full holiday destination, maybe for a weekend or as part of a road trip?

Mountainbike routes

There are only two trails in the mountain bike park in Todtnau, which is the oldest in Germany and a regular stop on the IXS tour. The blue track named Wildride is an easy flow trail with a nice variation in jumps, suitable for complete beginners but still a fun run for experienced riders. Especially with the new jumpline added to the Wildride, there are now some big gap jumps that are only for skilled jumpers.
After warming up on the flow trail it’s time for the downhill track with small and big drops, roots and rock gardens and here and there some steeper parts. It is colored red on the map, but in most other bike parks it would be black.
The tracks dry quickly after rain. During the weekend it can be busy with people for the summer rodel bahn, but there is a separate line for mountainbikers for the lift.
The liftticket is on the expensive side, the lift is on the slow side.

The Schwarzwald has a huge potential for xc and enduro mountain biking, but sadly this area is affected by the 2 meter rule, which means there aren’t a lot of single trails. Luckily the authorities are coming to there senses and the number of single trails you can legally ride is growing, near Freiburg there are even some purpose build flow trails.

Mountain biking in Todtnau


  • Two fun tracks with each their own character.
  • Usually opens early in the season (end of March/early April)


  • Expensive and slow lift
  • 2 meter rule

The village

Todtnau is relaxed German tourist village, there is a very good Konditorei, but don’t take the schwarzwalderkirsch torte (black forest Gateau) if you still have to drive your car ;-). Every two years in April there is a Schwarzwalderkirsch torte festival in Todtnau.

The economy of the black forest used to be based on (silver) mining and farming, now the main income comes from tourism. So there is plenty of hospitality and tourism infrastructure, however this is mainly targeted at hikers and elderly Germans.   

When you look around you, you will mostly see beautiful green hills, so why is the Black forest called black?
Because when you are in the forest the pine tree’s don’t let a lot of light through and it can be quite dark. This name dates back from roman times and nowadays the forests are less dense.

Hotels and apartments


Camping hochschwarzwald is about a 10 min. drive from the village and the lift. Because of the layout the campground feels very quiet and natural, you are not aware that there are a lot of people around you.

Mountainbike trails

Alle Strecken | All Tracks 2020 [Todtnau]

Books and maps

As far as I know there are no books or other resources that have a good list of xc and enduro singletrail routes near Todnau. If you do know one please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this text.


The supertrail map Freiburg sud has mountain bike trails near Freiburg, 40 min. by car from Todtnau.

Click here fore the site of the Schwarzwald tourist office The mountainbike routes on this site are marked by yellow signs, with German thoroughness, but don’t expect a lot of single trail.

And click here for info on the flow trails near Freiburg.

There a two books  with cycling and mountain biking routes, but as you might have guessed by now, no single trail.
Bikeline mountain bike guide naturpark Sudscharzwald
Rother bike guide Schwarzwald sud


This local tourism site has a couple of routes that contain some singletrail, but only as a small percentage of the total ride. Under “Kategorie” you have to choose “Mountainbike” and then under “Eigenschaften” choose “Singletrail/Freeride”

Mtb trailmap

trail map mountain bike park Todtnau

trail map mountain bike park Todtnau

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a small shop and rental in the lift building at the bikepark.
If you plan on renting a bike make sure to make a reservation, especially during the weekend.

Mikes Bike Station is a more xc orientated bike shop, there is a small pump track behind the shop.

trail-factory is a guiding company that promises a proper single trail experience, if you have been riding with them, please leave a comment below.


Tips and tricks

Instead of a day ticket you buy a ticket for a certain number of rides, you can use one ticket with multiple persons. The more rides you buy, the cheaper it is per ride. 😉

At every bike park there is a sign that you have to wear protection, but this is the only place where I’ve seen people turned away at the lift for forgetting their knee pads. If you don’t have any you can rent them at the shop.

There is a small parking near the lift, but on busy days mountainbikers are asked to use the larger parking 100 m. further down the road.

Other useful links

german imba This site gives a (german) explanation of the 2 meter rule and it’s background.


la bresse bikepark with mostly natural trails. plenty of xc options.
lac blanc bikepark with a lot of different trails from very easy to very difficult. plenty of xc options.
bad wildbad


metabief this is also a quiet village not very touristy village, but the bike park is bigger. 

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