Mountainbike routes

The bikepark in Hahnenklee has trails for every type of mountain biker, from an easy machine build flow trail, to natural single trail or a big and fast jump line.

It is allowed to ride on most hiking trails in the Harz, so XC and enduro riders will have a lot of options. There are 74 signposted routes, with a total of 2200km. and 59.000 meters of climbing. 20 of those routes contain a decent amount of singletrail.

Mountain biking in Hahnenklee


  • A lot of different tracks, for all levels and riding styles.
  • Well maintained tracks, but not too sanitized.
  • a separate lift for the bikers.
  • Unlimited options for XC and enduro riders.


  • Not a lot to do for the rest of the family, except for the sommerrodelbahn.

The village

To be honest the village isn’t very exiting, if you’re not here to ride your bike or go hiking there is not much else to do.
On the mountain there is a sommerrodelbahn and some other entertainment to keep you and your children busy.
So if you’re looking for a place to relax it’s perfect, otherwise Clauthal-Zellerfeld is a bit bigger. (but still not very exiting 😉 )

Besides being known for its mountains and green forests, the Harz is also known for it’s clean lakes, where you can swim when it gets to hot.

Hotels and apartments



Camping das Kreuzeck is about 5min. by car from Hahnenklee. It’s a large camping mainly aimed at families and is right on the edge of a lake.
If you prefer a smaller campground then camping waldweben is also nearby.
There are 10 free spots for campervans in Hahnenklee, but not in the parking of the bikepark.

Mountainbike trails

Hahnenklee is the biggest bikepark in the Harz. There are 6 mountain bike tracks in bikepark Hahnenklee and a small pump track at the top of the lift and a small pump track and jump area at the bottom.
Flowtrail Berms, berms, berms and some tables, beginners can practice their cornering technique all day, experts use it to warm up before the other trails. It’s made with a sand gravel mixture, so there is enough grip when it’s wet and it dries out quick. In the bottom part the trail splits, the Biker X is slightly more difficult, with bigger jumps.
Freeride The jumps are getting bigger, a couple of roots here and there, but no big problems for beginners. To ride it at speed however will take more skill and effort. It crosses other tracks, so watch out for other riders and follow the signs or you will end up on a more difficult track.
wide and fast machine build trail, you can just roll down or commit and get some airtime.
Singletrail A natural line, with a lot of roots, they will be slippery when wet and take some time to dry up.
Downhill racetrack The top part is more technical with roots, then a big drop on the wooden bridge and then it becomes faster on a wide track.
Old Downhill Ride it fast or don’t ride it. A couple of small speed jumps, one big drop and off course some roots.
Northshore Most elements are to narrow and high for beginners, but intermediate and expert riders can challenge themselves. They will be very slippery when wet and the last time I was here they needed maintenance. So first check them out before you ride them. The Northshore line runs parallel to the flowtrail, so it’s easy to create your own run, with only the shores you want to ride.

Xc routes Hahnenklee

There are 74 signposted cross-country mountain bike routes in the Harz, click this link to check them out.
Riding your bike is allowed on almost all hiking trails, except for a couple of trails that are very popular with hikers. Please respect this, that way we will keep access to all the other trails. So just look at the map and go.
Do you have any cool XC or enduro tracks around Hahnenklee? Please let us know in the comments below.

Mtb trailmap

Bikepark map Hahnenklee

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

The bikeshop rents out downhill, enduro, xc and kids bikes. And they also  organize lessons.
If you’re going during the weekend you need to make reservations for rental bikes, during the week you will probably be ok, but do it anyway just to be sure, they have an easy system on their site.

Tips and tricks

There are two lifts, the open chairlift is for the bikepark, the small gondola’s for the other tourists. There is a free parking place near the bottom of the chairlift.

If you’re a regular visitor don’t forget to get your frequent flyer card stamped, to earn free day tickets.

Day tickets are cheaper during the week and it’s not as busy. In the weekend you should go to Schulenberg, which is only open in the weekend and it’s awesome!

Other useful links


Schulenberg Cool tracks and an even cooler vibe and hot sausage from the grill, you don’t want to miss this.
Braunlage the tracks are nice, but the is lift slow.
St Andreasberg too bad the mountain isn’t bigger, the tracks are awesome, but short.


Winterberg Also has a lot of different trails.
Lac Blanc Good mix of machine build trails and natural trails.

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