Racepark Schulenberg

Awesome mountainbiking in racepark Schulenberg, 4 types of sausages (downhill banane) on the grill and good music.

Mountainbike routes

Rocks, roots and sausages. This is how bikeparks or raceparks as they call it themselves should be. It’s not Disney world, it’s just a mountain with trails and a lift. Take your mountainbike to Schulenberg and ride it!

The trails are well maintained, but they are build for riders, not for beginners on rental bikes, you need some experience before you come here. 

Mountain biking in Schulenberg


  • The Atmosphere and the crew in the Downchill area
  • Sausages, try the wild boar!
  • The Trails


  • The towbar might take some getting used to.
  • For your non-cycling friends and family there is not much else to do except hiking and picking raspberries.

The village

There is a small village where you can rent a room or a house to stay, but you will not find a lot of entertainment there or near the bikepark.
If you are travelling with your family or friends that don’t bike or hike you will probably want to stay in one of the bigger villlages and cities nearby like Clausthal-Zellerfelt or Altenau.

Hotels and apartments



It is possible to camp in the garden of a nearby hotel or see the suggestions near Hahnenklee.

Mountainbike trails

BX Bikercross is the easiest to start with, it’s the only flow trail, with berms and jumps, you can roll all the jumps or go full speed and get some air.
Freeride a natural trail, with some northshores and big jumps with chicken runs, if you don’t like the big jumps it’s still a fun track.
Stempelstieg a fun trail with a mix of jumps and berms and natural parts with roots and rocks.
Downhill Not for beginners, lots of roots and some small jumps, you will have to carefully pick your line to ride this.
Hidden Shred Roots, roots, roots just a lot of roots and fun.

Xc routes Schulenberg

There are 74 signposted cross-country mountain bike routes in the Harz, click this link to check them out.
Riding your bike is allowed on almost all hiking trails, except for a couple of trails that are very popular with hikers. Please respect this, that way we will keep access to all the other trails. So just look at the map and go.
Do you have any cool XC or enduro tracks around Schulenberg? Please let us know in the comments below.


Books and maps

This book describes the same routes that are on the Volksbank Arena website. It can be handy if you want to take the map and the description with you, although the layout of the book isn’t great.

This map describes mountainbike routes just east of Schulenberg. 


The GPS tracks for the signposted routes can be downloaded here

Mtb trailmap

trailmap Schulenberg

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is no bikeshop, just a toolbox, so bring some spare brakepads, inner tubes etc. otherwise you will have to go back to the car to get them.
They have 4 bikes you can rent, so make sure to make a reservation if you do not have your own bike.

Trail Tours Harz  organizes lessons and guiding and rents XC and road bikes.

Tips and tricks

Park at the bridge and wait for the shuttle or pedal up for about 10min, the shuttle is free and rides from 10:00 till 13:00.
In the afternoon they ride shuttles to other trails (at extra cost)

Bring an old inner tube to protect your bike from the towbar. Put one piece around the seatpost and one on the right hand side of your steerer tube.
Bring some zip-ties or duct tape to attach it.
Dont worry you’ll figure the towbar out in no time.

Other useful links

For up to date info check their facebook page not the website.


Hahnenklee More and longer trails and better suitable for beginners.
Braunlage the tracks are nice, but the is lift slow.
St Andreasberg too bad the mountain isn’t bigger, the tracks are awesome, but short.


There is no place similar to this place, you just need to go here for the real deal.

But if you liked Racepark Schulenberg you should check out the Slovenian bikeparks like Kranjska Gora and Krvavec. The style of the tracks is more similar than other German or Austrian bike parks. 

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