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Krvavec isn’t a very well known bike park, which is a shame, there are two epic long descents, Pussycat is easy and accessible for most mountainbikers, Rock and Flow is a different beast. Both aren’t cookie cutter bike park tracks, so definitely come here if you’re looking for something else.

Mountain biking in Krvavec


  • Long descents
  • Natural trails with constantly changing characteristics


  • The middle of nowhere location of the lift can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for.

The village

The Krvavec gondola starts in “the middle of nowhere” and and brings you from 600m. to 1400m. above sea level, at the top station you will find Slovenia’s second largest ski area in winter. In the summer park the whole family will find entertainment from hiking to mountain go karts or paragliding, so it’s not just for bikers.  If you plan on staying in a hotel, check out hotel Krvavec via the form below. Hotel Krvavec is at the top of the gondola, so you can have breakfast and then ride your bike down!
The nearest village is Cerklje na Gorenjskem, which is a quiet rural town, with a supermarket, pizzeria and some smaller hotels. It’s about 5 min. away from the bottom of the gondola by car.

Hotels and apartments


There is plenty of space for wildcamping around the lift building, it’s officially not allowed in Slovenia, but there were several campers there. Just keep it clean and check this site for updates.
There are no campings nearby, Camp Smlednik is 25/30 minutes away and looks perfect at first sight, a green campground with plenty of space, right next to a river, with a small beach for swimming. And also in a good position to visit beautiful Ljubljana.
But there are not a lot of sanitary blocks and the ones that are there are outdated. So you will have to stand in line for the toilet or a cold shower.
Do you have tips for a good campground? Please let us know in the comments below.

Mountainbike trails

Bambino is an easy flow trail under the chair lift. It’s a nice warming up before you do the longer trails or an introduction to bike park riding for beginners.
Jezerca is a natural red single trail, it starts at the top of the chairlift and then contours the terrain to the beginning of Muci. Jezerca has no real difficulties, but you will need a bit more than basic skills to keep your speed and ride it with out pedaling.
Muci/Pussycat has a fun natural singletrack feeling, but is a purpose build trail with plenty of smal roots and compact soil even when everywhere else is dust and kitty litter. But it will probably be very slippery when wet. You can ride it on a hardtail if you want, but you will be tired after 850m’s of descending (plus 150m’s for Jezerca, makes a full kilometer descent!)
Muci is fun, but Rock and flow is the real reason you come here.
You will find the rocks in the top part and the flow in the bottom halve. And some steep bits here and there.  It’s a beautifully build downhill/enduro track, it’s definitely not for beginners, but whether you’re an intermediate rider or a pro, you will have fun here and push your boundaries.

XC Allroad and XC Scott are two XC trails that use Jezerca and Pussycat for descending and then climb back to the top of the lift on the road, my advise would be to ride all the way down and take the lift back up for another run.

Mtb trailmap

Streckenplan karte map bike park Krvavek
Click for a larger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a bike shop at the top(!) of the gondola, where you can rent XC and DH bikes, book lessons or have repairs done at reasonable rates.

Tips and tricks

The two main descents are long and it’s not a busy bike park, so bring your own tube and pump with you on the bike, otherwise it’s a long walk down.

Other useful links

Bikepark Krvavec

The Gravity Card gives you access to Krvavec and 19 other bikeparks.


Kranjska Gora Another Slovenian bike park with exciting trails, which you can also access with your Gravity-Card
Jamnica Sadly no lifts here, but the loamy trails are certainly worth the pedal up.
Petzen Mostly known for it’s awesome flowtrail, but if you liked the Rock and Flow in Krvavec, you will probably like the Thriller enduro trail more.
And yes the Gravity-Card will get up here too.


Krvavec isn’t a cookie cutter bike park, so it’s hard to think of a similar park, but the long epic Rock and Flow is certainly on the same level as the famous long descent in Pila, Aosta
Schulenberg Another riders park, with natural trails, but significantly shorter.
And don’t forget Val di Fassa, with it’s flow trails on top and a long natural descent back to the valley.

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