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Flow flow flow, in bike park Petzen you will find the longest flowtrail in the world, 12 km’s of berms and tables.
But that is not the only reason to come here, there is also the thriller, an  enduro single trail.
And when you need even more challenge there are the EWS sections, that basically go straight down.

Mountain biking in Petzen


  • The longest flow trail in the world
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Two trails with completely different characters
  • Quiet surroundings


  • Quiet surroundings?

The village

There isn’t a village directly at the bottom of the lift, Petzen is the name of the mountain, in Slovenian it is called Peca.
The nearest larger village is Bleiburg (9 min. by car). It is a rural market town, with the usual supermarkets, but no note worthy tourist infrastructure.
Schloss Bleiburg overlooks the village and has a history going back to the 12th century, the current building mainly dates from the 1700’s and it isn’t open to the public.
Sadly Bleiburg is known for the Bleiburg massacres, as part of operation Keelhaul thousands of people fleeing for Tito’s communism found their death.

Hotels and apartments


The Pirkdorfersee camping is a good base for visiting both Jamnica and Petzen. There is a nice lake to cool down after a warm day on the bike. The pitches are a bit small and the showers are clean, but could use an update.
There is also a hotel located at the campsite and they also have chalets directly at the bottom of the lift

Mountainbike trails

Petzen is most famous for its flow country trail, it should be in the dictionary, not just once but twice, the first word it defines is flow, the other maintenance. It is a constant succession of berms and tables, there isn’t a single 100m. section that’s flat and straight.  You will need some serious skills to ride it without touching your brakes, in fact there are enough people that will be constantly on their brakes, but you would have to bring a microscope to find a single brake bump on this 12 km. long track.
This is thanks to the hard work of the maintenance team, but it also means that there is usually a section closed of and you will be lucky if you can actually do a full run, without having to go on the forest road for a bit.
Even during a rain shower you will still have good grip, because of the material the track is build with, but this will also mean that a fall will be nasty, so wear some protectors.

If you need something more natural after the machine build rollercoaster ride, then the Thriller is exactly what you’re looking for. On this track you will not find a flat or straight section either, but in an entirely different way. Rocks, roots, steep turns and loam, which will al become slippery when it’s wet. An intermediate rider will want to walk some short sections, but give it a go it’s a lot of fun.
If that isn’t thrilling enough for you, then there are the EWS sections, that basically dive straight down the steepest parts of the mountain.

Mtb trailmap

Streckenplan karte map bike park petzen
Click the image for a bigger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

Right next to the bottom station of the lift is a bike shop, where you can rent enduro, kids and e-bikes and book lessons.
It is recommended to make a reservation, especially for the week ends.

Tips and tricks

If you haven’t got a Gravity Card, you can buy your ticket just above the parking, not at the lift building.

Other useful links

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Jamnica is just across the valley (and the border), no comfy lift to bring you up here, but the riding down is certainly worth the effort and a good preparation for the Thriller.
Schladming Also two long trails both flowing but not like the flow country trail and partner of the Gravity Card.
Krvavec They seem to like long natural trails here 😉 and also a partner of the Gravity Card.


Geisskopf Another awesome flow trail build by Didi Schneider and also a partner of the Gravity Card.

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