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Whether you prefer flow trails, natural steep lines, big jumps, northshores or a rough race track you will be happy bikepark Geisskopf near Bischofsmais. Maybe it’s not the most well-known bikepark, but together with nearby Spicak it is certainly worth a trip.
And the best thing is the campground in the parking lot, for just 1 Euro including hot showers and old northshores for your campfire!

UPDATE 2020: There are two new enduro trails, have you ridden them? Tell us what you think in the comments below.
The old school single-seater lift will be replaced in 2021 with a six-seater.

Mountain biking in Geisskopf


  • Awesome trails for all sorts of riders
  • Camping
  • The maintenance of the trails


  • Not a lot to do directly around the lift for non-cycling family members.

The village

There isn’t a village directly at the lift. Near the lift you will find restaurants at the top and at the bottom. There is also an archery course and a roddelbahn, at the top of the mountain there is a tower so you can enjoy the views of the landscape. Bischofsmais is about 4 km. away, here you will find hotels, some restaurants and a small supermarket. If you need more entertainment or a larger supermarket, both Regen and Deggendorf are about 20 mins. by car.

Hotels and apartments


There is a camping in the parking,  on the terraces that are on the right hand side when you arrive. There is free electricity on the top terrace. And the clean toilets and warm showers are a 1 min. walk up the hill.  Sign up in the bikeshop when it’s open and just pay 1 Euro per person per night.
You can make a fire, when I was there the old northshores where dropped of every evening. But make sure to clean up the ashes and any nails that might be in them.

Mountainbike trails

The flow country trail is a work of art, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will have fun. It’s a big fast rollercoaster ride.
It is smooth enough to ride it on a hardtail, but at the same time you don’t feel overpowered on a downhill bike.
Build by Diddie Schneider, who has also build the flow trails in Petzen, Willingen and Winterberg. But I think that this is the best one, because it’s not just a succession of berms, but you’re really surfing the terrain.
The freeride will take a bit more skill especially when it is wet and slippery.
It’s build as perfectly as the flow trail, but with lots of rocks and roots. And some steeper and fast sections. It gets more technical towards the bottom, so if you’re a beginner you can ride the top part to the road and then follow the road to the bike cross.
The north shore line next to the lift demands some other skills, but both intermediate and expert riders will appreciate it, you can go around the big jumps, so just check it out.
The downhill racetrack is a completely different animal, you will love it or hate it. It’s a stereotypical old school racetrack, lots of rocks and lots of lines, but most of the time it’s best to stick to the mainline, when you start going around obstacles you will only get yourself into more trouble.
The bike cross tracks start at the road near the top of the roddelbahn. You can race your friends or have fun by yourself on these tracks with big berms and tables.
And then at the bottom near the bikeshop you will find a dirt jump section and pump track.
Especially for E-bikers there is the uphill flow trail, where you can pedal and pump your bike to the top.

The single seat lift is not fast but it is ok and next to it is a tow lift, that might take some getting used to, but it’s actually a bit faster and most people prefer to stand in line for the seats. So you don’t have to wait for the tow lift.

Xc routes Geisskopf

Books and maps

There are a book and map with 44  XC routes in this region: Mountainbike-Region ARBERLAND BAYERISCHER WALD
You can also download the gpx from the site. Look for the yellow sections in the altitude profiles if you like trails. When you are looking at the “tourenplanner” map go to “Erweiterte Suche” and then “Weitere Kriterien”
and then you can finally choose “singletrails”.
Do you have a favorite XC or enduro trail in this area? please let us know in the comments below.


Register for free to download xc gpx routes on outdooractive. Look for the red parts on the altitude profiles if you like trails.

Mtb trailmap

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a small bikeshop in the bikepark, it’s mostly for rental bikes and some parts and repairs. Make sure to make reservations for rental bikes.
There is a bigger bikeshop in Deggendorf if you need anything else.
The bikepark also organizes training courses for every level of rider.

Tips and tricks

Gravity card This season ticket gives you access to 20 bikeparks including Spicak, time for a road trip!

Other useful links

MTB ZONE – Bikepark Geisskopf
Unterbreitenau 1, 94253 Bischofsmais, Duitsland
The park usually opens in the beginning of May, depending on the snow.


Spicak About one hour away by car, the tracks are a bit rougher.


Winterberg Winterberg is bigger and busier, the similarity is not just the flowtrail, but also that there are several routes that each have their own character.
Lac Blanc  Similar atmosphere and mix of flow trails and natural trails.
Hahnenklee Also a lot of different types of trails, but a bit more of an amusement park on the mountain.

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