Bikepark Willingen is back on the mountainbike map with some big improvements. And they we’re already doing great with the XC singletracks.

Mountainbike routes

The bikepark in Willingen is getting a big update, with two new flow trails and the existing freeride track will be improved with bigger jumps. If you don’t want to ride flowtrails all day, you’ll be happy to hear that the unofficial enduro trail, will become an official trail.
And there is also a new lift, so no more waiting or pedaling up to the start of the trails.
The new trails are build by Didi Schneider, who has also build the flow country trail in Winterberg and the flow trails in bikepark Geisskopf and bikepark Petzen. So that promises a lot of fun for the riders that love to steer their own rollercoaster.
If you prefer more natural trails, than there still is the good old downhill race track, where you can pick your own line down. And make things as easy or difficult for yourself as you like.

Willingen is also the home of the bike festival, as a result of this there are a lot of xc routes in the area, some of which have a reasonable percentage of singletrack.

Mountain biking in Willingen


  • New tracks & lift
  • The unique Downhill track
  • XC routes, with singletrails
  • Enough to do for your non-cycling family and friends.


  • No enduro 

The village

During the winter Willingen is a popular skiing destination, in the summer it’s popular with hikers, mountainbikers and other tourists.
You will not be bored here, whether you go karting or try the sommerrodelbahn.
When it’s hot you can cool down in the swimming pool or on the ice ring which is open year round. Or enjoy the views from the Hochheideturm.
After all of this you deserve a piece of Kuche from one of the many Konditorei’s.

Hotels and apartments



There is no tent camping in Willingen, close to lift there is a camper aire with 55 places for camping cars (Wohnmobile).
The nearest campground is 13 km. away in Bömighausen. It’s in a quiet location next to a lake. The facilities might be a bit old, but everything is clean and works.

Mountainbike trails

There will be two new flow trails, I haven’t ridden them yet, but I expect them to be suitable for beginners and fast for experienced riders. With a lot of big berms and when your pushing some table jumps. Have you ridden these trails? then please leave a comment below.

The existing Freeride track will be improved with bigger jumps. This was already a fun and fast flow trail, with berms and intermediate jumps and some steeper sections. 

If you want to ride the Downhill course at race speed you need to bring some serious skills, but even when your not a pro you can still have a lot of fun on this track, there are a lot of lines to choose from and even more chicken runs. Make sure to check out the track first before you start riding it at some speed, there are some jumps, rocks and steep and loose sections that will catch off guard.

XC trails & GPS

The bike arena website shows cross-country routes in the Sauerland.
The routes around Willingen do contain some singletrail. If you’re looking for singletrails, look for the words singletrail and/or freeride in the right hand column under “eigenschaften” or a “technik” rating of at least 4 stars. Not all of the routes are signposted, make sure to read the description on the site.


During the bikefestival there is an enduro event with six stages, one of these stages starts right next to the freeride track, but sadly these are not official tracks. The Ettelsberg has enough potential for some nice enduro tracks, with lots of roots, so hopefully this will be the next addition after the flowtrails. 

Mtb trailmap

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a bikeshop in the lift building of the ettelsbergbahn. They have everything you need, clothing, parts and rental bikes (XC, DH, E-bike).
And they organize lessons and guided XC and all mountain tours.

Tips and tricks

You can buy day tickets, but they become cheaper the later in the day you buy your ticket. So sleeping in actually pays of.

Gravity card This season ticket gives you access to 20 bikeparks, including Willingen (and Winterberg )

bike festival Each year in the end of May Willingen is the home of the bike festival. With 3500 competitors and 300 brands showing their newest gear it certainly is a big festival. So whether you want to compete in the junior trophy, marathon, e-bike challenge, enduro or downhill cup or maybe you just want to test some new bikes, you don’t want to miss this event.
(If you want the trails for yourself it ‘s better to come another time.) 

Other useful links

Ettelsberg Seilbahn
Zur Hoppecke 5 
34508 Willingen (Upland)
There is a free large parking space right in front of the lift.
The lift runs the entire year, but bikes are only allowed on during the summer. Usually from mid April, this depends on the snow, check this site for updates.


Winterberg This bikepark is bigger and has more divers trails than Willingen.
Brilon This trailpark is also half an hour away, according to some it’s better than the trailpark near Winterberg. 


bikepark Petzenbikepark Geisskopf These parks are designed by the same guy, so there are a lot of similarities between the flowtrails, but they all have their own character.

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