Portes du soleil

Mountainbike routes The Portes du Soleil is the biggest mountainbike area in Europe, it truly deserves the mekka status, every mountainbiker should go here at least once. The Portes du Soleil consists of a couple of smaller bike parks that are linked together by trails and lifts. You can easily spend a week here without… read more »

La Bresse

Mountainbike routes The bikepark has mostly natural trails except for the jumpline and berms underneath the lift. Overall the trails feel a bit more rugged than Lac Blanc and more commitment is required. Since the altitude difference is only 273m. you will get plenty of chances to try again. In addition to the DH tracks… read more »

Lac Blanc

Mountainbike routes The bike park has nice flowy machine built greens,¬†blue’s and reds and more technical reds and blacks. Given the limited altitude difference (300m) they have managed to create a lot of different tracks (7) catering to all riding styles. Your mom will have fun on her hardtail while you’re doing road gaps, northshores… read more »


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