Mountainbike routes

In bike park Schladming Planai there are two legendary mountainbike tracks. They are long and fast, it’s best to bring some extra brake pads.
If you want some variation there are also a green and a red trail, that can be accessed from the middle station.
A couple of minutes away are the newly build Reiteralm trails, which are more suitable for beginners and intermediate mountainbikers.
If you prefer to ride up yourself there are a lot of signpost xc routes waiting for you.

In 2019 the Planai bikepark was closed due to the reconstruction of the gondola. Not only is there a new 10 seater gondola, There are also new trails! We can’t wait to check them out.

Mountain biking in Schladming


  • Long, steep and fast tracks
  • Fast lift
  • Gravity Card
  • New trails at Reiteralm


  • There could be a bit more variation in the trails
  • Reiteralm trails don’t run top to bottom

The village

In the winter Schladming is a popular ski resort, so you will find anything a tourist might require here. There is even a karting course underneath the lift building.

When you walk around the city you can still see two of the gates and one of the towers dating back to 1629, but the rest has changed.

Hotels and apartments


Camping Zirngast is a couple of minutes of cycling from the Planai lift, it can get busy in the weekends, so it’s best to make a reservation.
They also have a bikers camping, which is cheaper than the extortionately expensive main camping. But you are standing in an old parking lot in between the road and the railway. It’s ok for one night, but not a nice place for a family holiday.
A bit further away there is Camping Ramsau Beach which has a nice lake to swim in and is more affordable. The entry to the lake is included in the price for the camping. The lake can get very busy and noisy when it’s hot.
Camping Dachstein is a small camping in a quiet location, a bit further away from the lift, but worth it if you want to enjoy the mountains.

There are free showers at the lift, so you don’t even have to be a dirt bag when you avoid the expensive campings.

Mountainbike trails

In the Schladming Planai bike park there are basically two long descents, a blue and a black one. On both you can choose red variations in the bottom part.
The blue descents consists of 1 Rookie trail, 3 Upper Flowline and 7 Lower Flowline. This is a flowtrail, that has no real technical difficulties, in the forest parts there might be an occasional root poking through or a small section that gets a bit muddy and slippery when it is wet. For beginners there are some parts that are steeper then they are used to.
After the middle station there is also the Fairy trail, which is a perfectly designed trail, that most people should be able to ride on their xc hardtails. For experienced riders there are a couple of jumps in the top part of the blue and more tables and step-ups and step-downs in the bottom parts. And a lot of big berms to rail hard.
In the lower part you can choose the Jack Lumber trail, for some northshores and natural singletrail with lots of roots. This trail becomes very slippery when wet and is usually closed in those conditions.

The black line runs top to bottom, the top part is called Downhill Pro and the bottom part Downhill WC, I think that means World Cup, but there might have also been some riders that shat themselves.
The top part is in essence a flowtrail, but a lot steeper and faster then most other flowtrails. There are a couple of big gap jumps, check these out before you attempt them.
In the lower part there are some root sections, if you want to ride them at race speed you will need the skills of Sam Hill, but even if you’re an intermediate rider you can have fun picking your line through them.
Or if you don’t want to go through the roots you can take the Downhill Advanced which continues with the machinebuild flow from the rest of the track.

Vital RAW: Adam Brayton Crushing Schladming on Vital MTB

Reiteralm trails

Near Pichl-Preunegg (from Schladming in the direction of Radstadt) six new trails have been build. They are accessible by the Preunegg jet, this lift doesn’t run on all days, so check the schedule here.
There are two blue flow trails, two red flow trails and two shared hiking trails. None of these trails run top to bottom, they are short sections that can’t be linked together.
There are also junior trails, where beginners can practice their skills and then ride back up on the conveyor belt. These trails are opened everyday, but they are at the top of the mountain, so the easiest way to get there is with the Preunegg jet, which isn’t open every day ;-).

XC routes Schladming Dachstein

There are a lot of options for XC mountainbikers in this region, the routes will take you away from the busy tourist spots into stunning forests with big mountain views. Although the website gives a Technik/Singletrail Skala rating you shouldn’t expect a lot of singletrail. You can find maps and gps tracks on the site and you will find paper maps at the tourist info at the Planai lift.

Mtb trailmap

Streckenplan Schladming bike park map
Click the image for a bigger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a big shop at the bottom of the lift, it is not in the main lift building, but in a corner of the parking lot. Here you can rent bikes and book lessons.
In Schladming there are a couple of other shops that sell mountainbike related items.

Tips and tricks

Park on the second floor of the parking garage, that way it’s easiest to stop by your car in between rides.

The Gravity Card gives you access to both the Planai and the Reiteralm trails and 19 other bikeparks.

Other useful links

Adress bike park Schladming Planai:
Coburgstraße 52
8970 Schladming


Wurbauerkogel A small bike park with fun trails and the Gravity Card
Wagrain A medium size bike park with more natural trails and the Gravity Card
Kranjska Gora Rougher and natural tracks and yes I do love the Gravity Card


Les Deux Alpes The bike park as a whole might be different, but the Venosc descent is comparable to the long fast flow trails of the Planai.

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