Bike park Spicak/Špičák

Bike park Spicak/Špičák has a good mix of natural mountain bike trails, with berms and jumps build where necessary.
Spicak has a different feel than nearby Geisskopf or other German and Austrian bike parks, it’s less polished, a bit rougher. It’s more like the bike parks in Italy or Slovenia. For some this is a good thing for others maybe not, I like it!
I don’t think this bike park is very suitable for complete beginners, but all other riders will have a great time here and will find plenty of challenges to develop their skills further.

Mountain biking in Spicak


  • Rough tracks
  • Fast lift


  • Not for beginners
  • Not a lot to do for the rest of the family

The village

There is not a village directly near the lift. Around the lift are some restaurants and a playground for small children. Or you can take the lift up to enjoy the views from the 26m. high watch tower.  Off-course there are also a lot of hiking options.

Hotels and apartments



You can stay in your camper van in P2 a couple of hundred meters away from the lift or there is a campground 5 km. away.  There are coin operated showers near the lift. I saw some tents in the forest near the lift, so I guess it’s not a problem, although wildcamping is normally not allowed in the Czech Republic. It’s best to ask at the bikeshop.

Mountainbike trails

Forest Virgin is colored green in the map, but the difficulty is blue, with maybe a couple of short red sections and it ends two thirds down the mountain and then you ride the rest down on the red track, so I don’t think it’s suitable for complete beginners.
Black Friday The name might imply otherwise, but it is a red track. It starts out flowy with big berms and some speed jumps. Further down you will find some drops and even roadgaps. Near the bottom there is a big wallride and then for the last bit you can choose between a long easy northshore, some big table jumps or some rocky gaps and drops.
Half way down Black Friday there is a sign: Experts only. This leads you to a natural track with a lot of roots and rocks. There is a tight turn to the left and then a steeper sections before it joins the main track.
Wow the struggle is a real black route, steep, rocks, drops and a lot of speed. And most important no chickenruns. No wonder this is a famous IXS racetrack.
Air & Stone is a mix of northshores and rock roll overs, on most features you can choose between different options and if you don’t like it there are chickenruns. Just try it, at least do the squeaky see saw.
Lucky Bastard After starting on Black Friday take the first right for some big drops.

XC mountainbike routes

Cycling is very popular in the Czech Republic, however, mountainbiking is not allowed on all trails, especially in national parks, Spicak is just north of the Sumava national park. This map shows trails that are official routes in purple and trails you are not allowed on with red crosses.

Do you have any favorite xc routes around Spicak or in the Sumava / Bohemian mountains? Let us know in the comments.

Books and maps

You can buy maps with the official cycling and mountainbike routes in the local shops and tourist info‘s.

Mtb trailmap

bikemap Spicak
(click for a bigger version)

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a bikeshop near the lift, you can rent downhill bikes and protectors. They also have children’s (DH) bikes and trekking bikes with children’s seats (not for in the bike park 😉 )

Tips and tricks

The fuel is cheaper in the Czech Republic, so fill up before driving back to Germany, but it’s slightly more expensive than in the rest of the country because you’re close to the border.

Gravity card This season ticket gives you access to 20 bikeparks including Geisskopf and Spicak, time for a road trip!

Other useful links

Sport service spol. s r.o.
Špičák na Šumavě 182
340 04 Železná Ruda

GPS coordinates for the cableway entrance station
49°9’55.376″N, 13°13’16.301″E

Bike park Spicak usually opens on May 1st depending on snow conditions, check the site to be sure:


Geisskopf Nice variation in trails, a bit easier than in Spicak.
Lipno This new bikepark has two blue routes and one red route.
Have you been there? You’re welcome to write an article on them!
There are other bike parks and trail centre’s in Czechia, but they are not nearby and I have not been there yet, so I haven’t written articles on them yet. Have you been to Pod Smrkem , Rychleby trails or trail park Klinovek?


Kranjska Gora Rough trails for riders, it’s not Disney world.

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