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Wagrain bike park has everything from easy flow trails to techy slippery roots. Don’t miss the Hard Rock it’s a nice long natural trail from the top, with roots and rocks, but nothing extreme.
With nine km’s of trails it’s not the biggest bike park, most people will have fun here for a day, maybe even two.
The maintenance has always been excellent, the lack of brake bumps makes it more suitable for beginners compared to some of the bigger parks.

There are also xc tours, but they are more in the e-bike categorie than proper mountain riding.

Mountain biking in Wagrain


  • Trails for all levels and types of riders
  • A lot of natural options
  • The long Hard Rock trail from the top
  • Gravity Card
  • Good maintenance


  • The different trails are linked together by the blue trail, so you’re repeating some sections a lot.

The village

In the winter Wagrain is part of a bigger ski area, in summer things quiet down. There still is a busy main street with some shopping and restaurants. There is often a traffic jam in this street, so if you want to enjoy the clean mountain air it’s better to not choose a hotel on this street.
Whether it’s hot or the weather isn’t that good you can enjoy the big swimming pool which has both indoor and outdoor sections.
Although the name of the flying Mozart lift might imply otherwise there is no direct connection between Wagrain and Mozart, other than that is he is from the Salzburg region. However the composer of “Silent Night” is from Wagrain, I know you always wanted to know this. I’m afraid this is Wagrain’s main claim to faim. So if you just want to ride your bike and enjoy the mountains this will be a great holiday destination, if you (and your) family need a bit more entertainment then Schladming might be a better option.

Hotels and apartments



There are no official campings in Wagrain, there is a simple camping in Kleinarl (15min) and there are several larger campings in nearby st. Johan im pongau like camping Kastenhof or camping st-Veit. Or if you are traveling around bike parks, you can camp in Schladming and drive to Wagrain for a day.
It used to be allowed to camp in the parking of the lift, next to the shop, but as far as I know this is no longer allowed.
If you have any update on this please leave it in the comments.

Mountainbike trails

From the top down to the middle station you can descent 600 meters of altitude on the Hard Rock trail. This trail starts out machine build with berms and the becomes a natural trail with rocks and roots, there are several black variations that take a more direct line down with even more roots. I guess you could have fun on this trail with a playfull hard tail, but most people will prefer 140+mm front and back.
Then down from the middle station the main line is On Air, it starts out with a big wall ride, it’s a fast flow trail with a lot of big berms. There is one short section which is graded red because it is has a succession of steep turns, there is no way to go around them.
Before that there is a short red variation called Nail Games with a couple of northshores.
Then there is Angry Ants, which is a black natural trail with a lot of roots, pick your line carefully and have fun.
Towards the bottom you can follow On Air or change to Lilly’s Treat for more flowing fun.
From On Air you can choose Memories which has a lot of roots, it can be tricky when it’s wet and it doesn’t dry fast.
RNB is a short trail with a couple of skinny log rides through muddy parts of the forest, it’s not my favorite but it’s good practice.
Symphony is a fast flowline with a variation of intermediate jumps. 

Xc Routes

There are 19 Xc mountainbike routes around Wagrain, click this link for more info and gps tracks. I’m afraid the routes are all on forest roads, while the bike park clearly shows that there is enough potential for natural trails.

Mtb trailmap

Streckenplan bike park wagrain map kaart
Click the image for a bigger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a shop at the bottom of the lift, where you can rent bikes and book lessons.

Tips and tricks

Drive past the main parking and park in the shade of the trees near the bike wash and pump track.

Gravity card This season ticket gives you access to 20 bike parks

Other useful links

The park will close early in 2019 and will be closed for 2020 because they will build a new gondola.


Leogang Bigger bike park, more brake bumps
Saalbach-hinterglemm Bigger bike park, more brake bumps
Schladming Long flowing top to bottom trails, with a bigger city.


Schladming Long flowing top to bottom trails, with a bigger city.
A small to medium size ski resort, with different types of trails
Lac blanc A small to medium size ski resort, with plenty of natural trails

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