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Bikepark Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten isn’t the biggest bikepark, but there are trails for every mountainbiker, from beginner to expert. So it’s a nice stop in between Semmering and Schladming for example.
There is also a new singletrail/flowtrail at Wurzeralm.

Mountain biking in Wurbauerkogel


  • Fun trails for all levels of riders
  • Gravity Card


  • The bikepark should be a bit bigger for a full day of riding.

The village

Windischgarsten has a history going back to Roman times, it is internationally known for its Lederhosen festival and famous soccer clubs come here for training camps. So this quiet market town in the Pyrhn-Priel region has a lot more to offer than you would expect at a first glance.
The Wurbauerkogel is close to the city center and is also called Abenteuerberg or “Adventure mountain”. Here you will find amongst others not one but two rodelbahns, an archery course and a klettersteigpark.

Hotels and apartments



There are several campings in this area, the two closest to the lifts are:
camping-pyhrn-priel This camping has been newly renovated, in a quiet location and showers are included.
gleinkersee You can dive into the little lake from your tent on this beautifull camping, but it’s more expensive, showers aren’t included and the facilities are clean but a bit dated.
Both campings have a small restaurant.

Mountainbike trails

The Blue Lollipop is a nice flowtrail, suitable for beginners, but more experienced riders will have fun too.
Big Red is a more advanced flow trail, with a big wall ride and some jumps, too bad it’s short and then you ride the blue again.
The Red Root-Carpet, the name gives it away, expect a lot of roots and also stones, it’s not very steep, but it will be slippery when wet.
Then it’s time for the Black Widow, it’s like the red Root-Carpet, but a lot steeper, this is a real expert line. And it is the main reason you should come here.
Then all the tracks come together for a fast motorway section with table jumps down to the lift.

There is also a single trail at the Wurzeralm, I would call it a flow trail, on a single trail I expect more natural elements. It’s a fun trail for a couple of descents whatever your level is, but most people will get bored before the day is over.
And the good news is that you can use your liftticket from the Wurbauerkogel bikepark, including the Gravity Card, for the Wurzeralm lift.

XC Routes

There are 14 xc routes with varying difficulties on this site. I haven’t ridden them, but I think they are mostly on forest roads. Do you know singletrails in this region then please let us know in the comments below.

Mtb trailmap

Bike park Wurbauerkogel map Streckenplan

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There is a small bikeshop directly next to the lift, where you can rent downhill, enduro and e-bikes and go for repairs. They also give lessons in the bike park.
pyhrnpriel-mountainbike organizes lessons and guiding.

Tips and tricks

Your Gravity Card also gives you access to the Wurzeralm singletrail.

The chairlift at Wurbauerkogel takes some getting used to, make sure you hang your bike correctly at the bottom and get ready at the top to take your bike of again.

Other useful links

Chairlift Wurbauerkogel
Kühbergstraße 2
4580 Windischgarsten

Chairlift Wurzeralm
Pyhrn 33
4582 Spital am Pyhrn


Semmering In Semmering you will find a lot more and different tracks.
Schladming In Schladming the trails are a lot longer and the black trail is even steeper than the Black Widow.


Bikepark Tirol Easy flow trail and a more difficult natural line. And also a single trail nearby.
St-Andreasberg  This is another bike park that would be better if it was just a bit bigger, but there are also nice flow trails and steeper natural tracks.

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