Les deux alpes

Les Deux Alpes bike park short review

Les Deux Alpes bike park is one of the larger parks in Europe with 19 trails, some starting at 3200m. and one going all the way down to 900m.
This takes you through three vegetation zones from the rocky glacial moraine up top, through the alpine meadows down into the fir trees. This also has some effect on the character of the trails, although they are mostly flow trails. In my opinion Les Deux Alpes would benefit from some natural trails, but you will find plenty of those around the corner in Alpe d’Huez.
The village is clearly a tourist resort, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

Mountain biking in Les deux alpes


  • A lot of trails with a lot of altitude difference.
  • The Venosc descent.
  • Plenty of options for beginners
  • Summer skiing/snowboarding


  • Mostly flow trails

The village

Les Deux Alpes is a purpose build ski resort. The first hotels and lifts were build in the 1930’s. Before then the saddle at 1600m. between the two alps was used as a summer meadow by farmers from Venosc and Mont de Lans. Currently there are about 2000 permanent residents and 40000 tourist beds.
Even during the summer you will see skiers and snowboarders that come to ride the largest French glacier.
So the entire town lives and breathes outdoor activities.
Although Les Deux alpes isn’t as vibrant in summer as it is in the winter there are plenty of bars and restaurants open. And there is a small lake to chill on the warmer days, so your non-cycling family members should be able to keep themselves occupied while you disappear on your bike for a couple of days, but probably not for an entire week.

You only have to take the lift down to Venosc to experience a different style, this cosy village with narrow alleyways has a history going back to the iron age.
For another different experience you could drive up the road to la Bérarde and be immersed in the beauty of the Ecrins national parc.
Route de la Berarde abc3

Hotels and apartments



There is no Campground in Les Deux Alpes itself. Just before entering the village there is a camping car aire, with water and electricity, but no toilets or showers.
There are two campings in Venosc, close to the cablecar.
Champ du Moulin is the first when you drive up the valley. They have large pitches, good showers included in the price, a bike wash and several chalets you can rent. And a small shop and restaurant as well.
Camping La Cascade is significantly cheaper, but you will have to buy shower tokens. No clearly marked pitches, how much room you get depends on how busy it is. You can also choose for a chalet, canvas tent or tipi.
There are more campings around Bourg d’Oisans and Oz, see my descriptions on the page for Alpe d’Huez.

Mountainbike trails

There are 19 downhill and enduro trails in bike park Les Deux Alpes, ranging from green to black. Most of the trails are flow trails, but not the generic cookie cutter kind.

I recommend beginners to start in the Vallée Blanche part of the bike park. It is a bit quieter and this usually means less brake bumps and less faster riders to worry about. Both the Vallée Blanche and Pied Moutet are laid back flow trails that can be ridden at whatever speed you prefer.
On the opposite mountain you will find more blue and green trails, that see more traffic. Bike patrollers is of to the side and is quieter.
From the same starting point starts Sapins, this trail takes you down a steeper path, still flowing but definitely not for beginners. This is one of my favorite trails here, together with the epic 666 and Venosc combo, good for a never ending 1500m. descend.
The 666 starts out like a big flow trail through a moon landscape and later turns into a flowing single trail. With some wooden elements here and there. Then it’s time for the Venosc a big and fast flow trail, sometimes a bit rough around the edges. This trail earns Les Deux Alpes the mekka status.

DESCENDING 1500 METRES - Bikepark Les Deux Alpes | 666 to Venosc -subtitled-

The Fury takes it up a notch. On the red trails the main line is rollable and there might be a medium sized drop or gap of to the side. On the Fury there are some big gap jumps and drops in the main line and the chicken runs are hidden away.

Now it’s time to go up to the glacier, from here there are several options.
If you don’t know the trails it’s best to only come up here with good visibility.
The blue Jandri takes you on a flowing ride through the glacial ruble.
The Belle Etoile/Rocky Line trail is narrower, steeper and looser and takes you over some big boulders.
Mountain of hell/Choucas bikers are part of the mountain of hell event, where 700 riders race down the mountain simultaneously from the top of the glacier down to Venosc. So the trails aren’t that narrow or technical, but fast, loose and steep.


Books and maps


Mtb trailmap

Les Deux Alpes bike park map (click for a larger version)

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

There are to many options to list all the bike shops and other companies.
If you want to rent a bike it’s best to make a reservation the day before.

Tips and tricks

You can park for free in the entire town, the bike park is spread out over five lifts. But most trails are under the Diable and Jandri lifts, so I prefer to park in between them on the Rue des Sagnes.

Other useful links

There is usually a photographer taking trail side photos in the diable area, but I forgot his name. Do you know his name/website? Let us know in the comments below.


Alpe d’Huez is just around the corner, the trails are more natural and less options for beginners compared to Les Deux Alpes.

Briancon, Montgenèvre and Serre Chevalier two smaller bike parks, that together probably don’t have as many trails as Les Deux Alpes, but a lot more options for the XC and enduro riders.

Valloire is another smaller but fun bike park.


Tignes is a mountain resort with plenty of trails for both beginners and experts. (and a free lift pas)

Portes du Soleil The Portes du Soleil is the biggest mountainbike area in Europe, it truly deserves the mekka status, every mountainbiker should go here at least once.

Leogang (combined with Saalbach) is the only Austrian bike park that comes close to the big french parks.

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