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Although Bike park Semmering Zauberberg isn’t in the high mountain region of Austria, the trails feel like you are there.
It is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area or doing a Gravity Card road trip for instance. Most riders will have fun here for at least a day, maybe even two.
The reds have a nice variation of riding styles, from roots to northshores and nice pumpy berms, not a lot of steepness.
But you will find some steeper bits in the black, and a lot more roots and rocks.

Mountain biking in Semmering


  • Nice trails, with different styles.
  • Fast gondola
  • Gravity Card


  • The blue trail isn’t very exciting and the reds are too difficult for complete beginners.

The village

Semmering is a Luftkurord (clean air health resort), where the wealthy people from Vienna used to come in the late 19th century, you can still see this in the architecture of some of the hotels. And the Semmeringbahn railway, which was finished in 1854, although the steam locomotives have been replaced by modern trains, the viaducts and landscape are still there to enjoy and have been declared Unesco world heritage sites.

Hotels and apartments


There is no official campground nearby, it is usually allowed to stay in the parking, but there are no showers and it isn’t really a nice place, but it is ok for one night. Ask in the shop for details.
There is also a free camp area half an hour away, with toilets, but no showers.
All other official campgrounds are almost an hour away, there used to be a camping in Langenwang, but this has closed.

Mountainbike trails

Family trail This track is also the monsterroller course and for monsterrollers it’s probably one of the more exciting tracks, but for bike park tracks not so much. It starts out good with a cork screw bridge that turns 900°, followed by a nice flow section,but then it’s just the forest road down to the lift.

The red tracks are a mix of shorter tracks that all have their own character, so you can have different combination everytime.
When you go right from the top there is the Banana Flip which is a fast flow trail, with a wall ride, jumps and a surf section. Quickly after the start of Banana Flip you can go right to the Northshore Line, the main northshore is suitable for intermediate riders, with some skinnies to the side. The northores are build into the terrain, which makes them more flowing and fun then just some freestanding structures.
When you go left from the top you are on the perfectly named Fast & Tricky, it’s a fast trail with big berms and jumps where you can show your tricks. Some of the jumps are gaps, so check them out first.
Then all tracks come together at a bridge.
From here you can go right to Sweet & Sexy, it starts fast with berms, then go in to the forest, with some tighter turns and northshores, some of these have gap jumps.
Or from the bridge you can go left for three options, most left is Bunny way, a small singletrail with roots and some northshores and then ends with 2 big drops (with chickenruns).
In the middle is the slopestyle park, which you can’t miss with it’s big jumps.
To the right of the slopestyle is the Zauberberg Airline, this is a jumpline, the jumps are basically gaps that have been filled in enough so that you won’t crash when you don’t jump far enough. But to find the flow you will have to put in some speed and airtime.
After the three options come back together there is a section through the woods with easy wide northshores and rocks and roots, from there you follow the Downhill Line to the lift.

Downhill Line It starts fast and flowing with a couple of speed jumps, When you enter the woods the trail becomes tighter and twisty, with rocks and roots, there are chicken lines for the most difficult parts, but not for the steeper parts. The last section is fast with big jumps. You need some skills to ride it fast, but intermediate riders will have fun on this track as well. And will start pushing for more speed after a couple of runs.

All the trails bring you to the Flow Country Finish Area, where you will find a couple of small and medium size jumps before you go back up in the lift.

Xc routes

The tourist info lists 200km. of xc routes, but I’m afraid it’s more forest road than singletrail.

Books and maps


Mtb trailmap

Streckenplan bike park map semmering zauberberg
Click for a larger version

Bike shops/ guiding/ Mountainbike rental

You can rent bikes right next to the lift. They also sell and repair bikes.

There are several companies that organize training courses and camps in the bike park.

Tips and tricks

On Mondays lifttickets are 20% cheaper and on Tuesdays girls get a 30% discount on lifttickets and 50% on rental bikes.

Gravity card This season ticket gives you access to 20 bikeparks including Semmering, but you can’t buy the ticket at the lift in Semmering.

There used to be a 24 hour downhill race in bike park Semmering, but it’s no longer mentioned on their website, only that it was cancelled in 2018, due to construction works.

Other useful links

The bike park usually opens early May till Oktober, Thursday to Sunday.
And opened everyday in Juli and August.
Bikepark Semmering-Hirschenkogel
2680 Semmering, Carolusstraße 3


Wexltrails Trail park with blue and red trails and a shuttle service.
Trail park Vienna / Wienerwald trails A couple of trails near Vienna, maybe a nice option if your family wants to eat Sachertorte, but you want to ride your bike.
Wurbauerkogel Three nice trails, too bad the park isn’t bigger. But if you have a Gravity card and are driving from Semmering to Schladming it certainly is worth a visit.
Petzen Awesome flow trail and a technical natural enduro trail.


Spicak The focus lies on red and black trails, no real option for beginners. the trails are a bit rougher and you already have your Gravity Card 😉
Serfaus Flowing red lines and a natural black line, fast gondola, Gravity Card. Lots of similarities but still a different style.

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